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About Us

Since 2016, PTY Bitcoin Academy has helped over 2,200 people, in Panama, the United States, Canada, and Latin America to learn about the best practices when it comes to buying, selling, insuring, and caring for their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We've also helped expats invest in physical, certified precious metals at Gold Bullion Panama since 2010! We've taught and helped people of all ages, from 13 to 75+, with a wide range of computer skills!


Our Team

David De Franco

Entrepreneur, business consultant, and project manager. David is has been and is part director and owns several projects in different industries in Panama, including (but not limited to: DEFRANCORP (Business Consulting), Panama Gold Bullion (Investment in precious metals), and PanaKiwi Adventures (Tourism), The Project Management Institute- Panama.

Jaime Cuellar

Jaime has been the Operations Manager at PTY Bitcoin Academy since April 2017 and has since been in a leadership role in the teaching and continued education department. He's given 300+ courses to people from around the world and private investment firms in Panama. He’s also managed business branding development, content creation projects, and market research projects for small and medium-size businesses.


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Basic Course

In this course, you will learn what cryptocurrencies are, why they exist, how they work, and the safest way to send and receive them. You will also learn best practices to ensure that your coins are protected. We will teach you how to open your first Bitcoin wallet totally free!



  • How to open your wallet using best practice
  • What are cryptocurrencies?
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Send secure transactions
  • Receive secure transactions
  • Best security practices



In this course, you will learn about the 3 most common cryptocurrencies, how to convert your Bitcoin to different cryptocurrencies, how to open an exchange account, and how to use the wallets within your exchange to convert your bitcoin to more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies.

Intermediate course


  • The top 3 cryptocurrencies
  • Differences between cryptocurrencies
  • What is an exchange?
  • How to open an account on an exchange
  • How to exchange bitcoin to other currencies



In this course, you will learn about the top 10 cryptocurrencies, what the differences between them are, how to determine if a cryptocurrency has more or less potential, and how to detect if you're being offered a scam.



  • Top 10 cryptocurrencies
  • The differences between them
  • How to determine coin potential
  • How to detect scams

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